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Tour Weekend Memories ❤️⚽️

This VE Day Bank Holiday Weekend should have seen us travelling to Woolacombe on our annual Tour weekend, but unfortunately this year it wasn’t to be. To cheer ourselves up we have been looking back to last year’s Tour to Selsey and the 2018 Tour to Bournemouth. I hope you enjoy these video montages I’ve put together. Thank you to all who sent their memories and thank you also to everyone for helping me to provide you with your refunds promptly. Best wishes Michelle


Craig Kurn’s team, U9 Sussex Cup Champions 2019, share their Tour memories. Thanks to Craig and the team for providing the photos and video clips! 🏆🎉👏


Karl’s team, U12 Sussex Cup Runners Up 2019, share their Tour memories. Thanks to the team for sharing photos and especially to Carlos for the video clip. 👏


Some memories from our 2018 R&T Bournemouth Classic Tour

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May 10, 2020

Great memories!

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