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Weekly roundup 3rd of March.

Hi all. Thanks to you all for your results on a very cold and wet day. Well done to the U11 Sports and U11 Youth, also the U13 Reds on reaching the finals, great achievement. I did manage to see some of you down at Meadow with some tough games out there. Sorry if I missed your games but the weather beat me 🥶

Thanks to Sean and his U15s team for setting up and great result for you today and thanks to Paul and the U10s for putting away.

The Managers meeting is this Thursday 7:30pm, please can all managers attend, if not please send a representative along with your subs. Also Tour teams can you please ensure that your team pay their balances by Friday 8pm - you can bring them to the Managers Meeting if it’s easier. Look forward to seeing you then.


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Meadow Social
Meadow Social
03 мар. 2019 г.

Well done U11 Sports, U11 Youth and U13 Reds on winning your semi finals.

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