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We're Meadow, We're gonna score one more than you ! Meadow U9's! NAH NAH NAH

What a weekend it has been, The title above was the lyrics our boys changed fat les's song to as it rang out at the presentation. This was the boys first tour together and no-one knew what to expect or how they would take being away with family and friends. After the first day of games we found ourselves played four won four.

All that was said to the team is that's four cup finals done, four cup finals tommorow. The boys had done amazing and went off to have fun for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning came and you could tell the boys were tired from yesterday and nerves were there, All we had to say was go out and play like the team you have been all season. The nerves were there to see and we went 1-0 down with an own goal, this seem to kick start our team and they went onto win the game. the next game was the big one against home faveourites selsey blue, with both teams knowing a loss will end there hopes of lifting the trophy. With our gk saving a penalty in the first half we went into half time 0:0 knowing this result would suit us more than them. We started the second half the better team and the penalty miss had affected Selsey we found ourselves 1:0 up with 3 minutes to go, With one minute to go Selsey pulled it back to 1:1 with panick setting into the boys, It finished one all 2 cup finals to go. The next game the boys won taking it to the final game, Selsey had finished there final game and sat one point above us but goal difference of one in our favour, How the boys played with so much pressure from Horndene & Selsey's players and parents trying there best to rattle the boys from kick off with it becoming a bit naughty at times with the nerves kicked in full throttle and a last minute point blank save (thanks Karl & Bavvers) The boys held onto a 2:2 draw & brought it home

A big thank you to Karl & Michelle for a great weekend

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Meadow Social
Meadow Social
May 07, 2019

Well done Craig, Ricky, Dean and the boys and to all the parents, grandparents and supporters! Fantastic team effort! 👍

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