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Round up 24th November - Silent Weekend

Thanks for all your results this weekend and a big thank you to all the teams down at Meadow and away who respected the Silent Weekend.

Well done to both U7s teams, they were both great games to watch. Also, well done to the U9s Youth whose game was a pleasure to watch and I even managed to referee half of it!

The U11 Colts played a great game, with lots of communication between the players. The Silent Weekend really helped us hear the players' voices on the pitch and it was especially noticeable in this game. 👍👏

Congratulations to the U13 Sports on their County Cup win and progression to the third round. 👏👏

Big thanks to John Moran for looking after the U8 Colts team even though his U15s were playing at the same time.👍👏

The general feedback from Silent Weekend was good, especially from our older teams. It’s always good to hear the teams talking among themselves without being instructed from the sidelines.

Thanks to the U11 Colts for setting up and thanks to the U17s Youth for putting away.

Have a great week. Karl


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1 Comment

Meadow Social
Meadow Social
Nov 25, 2019

Well done all. 👏

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