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With girls football flourishing at Loop Road it has been great to watch the u12 girls getting enthusiastically involved in Futsal. After dipping our toe in the water last year the girls took another crash course with Chris and some practice with the boys down at Winston before leaping into the County Futsal tournament last weekend....

After a fantastic afternoon progressing from their group the girls beat Crystal Palace in a 4-3 semi-final thriller before losing the final to a superb team from Balham. All of the Balham girls were confident receiving the ball, keeping the ball and making decisions under pressure. 1v1 they were technically very good. All the things we know regular Futsal can help with in player development...

Anyway well done girls, a fantastic experience for all. Get involved!

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Meadow Social
Meadow Social
Feb 27, 2019

Well done girls! 👍 #MeadowGirlsCan #ThisGirlCan

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