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Weekly Roundup 10th November Remembrance Sunday

Hi all.

Thanks for your results today. A good day for some and not so good for others, like myself. I only managed to be at Meadow for the start of the 10 o’clock games.

Congratulations to the U13s Youth and U11 Sports on their Cup wins and progression to the next round.

Well done to the U10 Colts continuing their unbeaten run and the U8 Colts on their first win. 👏👏

Thanks to Gary Nicholl for organising the bugle player and to the teams for respecting the minutes silence. Thanks to the U14s youth for setting up and the U12s for putting away. Cheers Karl


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Meadow Social
Meadow Social
Nov 10, 2019

Congratulations to James, Nick, Stuart and the players on their Cup wins. Well done to the U8 and U10 Colts on their wins today. 👏 Thanks to Victor for playing The Last Post so beautifully. #LestWeForget 🌺

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